I’m in need of a change help needed

hi to all swampie here
Live full time in my 2000 Vw t4 wild camp all the time solar keeps me running
Rig is fine but a.change is calling
I’m a Vw. Man at heart
But which direction do i go
T6 t5 t4 done them all
T25 is drawing me in. But will This be a money pit but iconic ! ( same said of t2 bus but out of my price range )
A fixed bed would be heaven am I being drawn to a sprinter or crafter
Want to stay compact easy to park swb high top ? Even similar Renault Peugeot or Ford
Could I get everything inside
Fixed bed hob sink porta potty compressor fridge a bit of storage as it’s only me onboard
Few basic possessions and a skateboard
Simple life
Looking stealth could have its benefits

Any one with similar builds or ideas thoughts recommend anything

Thanks again

Hi there. I am not sure if I would be much help as far as which make or model you go for. However 10 yrs a van dweller does mean that I have tried most configurations as far as interior living space goes. I would say that if it is just you in the van, short wheel base vans give you plenty of room if you plan your build and use what space you have wisely. Personally I am in a Transit at the moment, big advantage of it being cheaper to fix if things go wrong, common vehicles mean common parts that are easy to get hold of, both new or from a breakers. Having lived in many vans I would say that any of the common models will do what you need. Always worth taking your time buying one and so long as you do some checks and get yourself a good runner once you are inside the cargo bay/living space, it won’t really matter what make the van is, it’s what you do with the space that matters! One thing I would say is that if this is going to be your actual home,make sure it’s a Hi top ! We are all different but I have always found that the ability to actually stand up without your head scraping the roof can make a huge difference to your overall comfort.
You can easy fit a double bed in any of the models you are considering. The rear of my Transit is dedicated to a luxurious large sleeping, chilling area,whole width of the bay and about 6ft long. TV, Apple Mac, cup holders, fone cradle etc all mounted on the sides within easy reach, 2 storage units as long as the bed mounted from the roof down about 18 inches, loads of storage! Use the cavity under your bed to store your porter potty,drop down access door keeps everything out of the way and hidden when not being used. Nice big drawers on wheels for easy sliding in and out give you massive storage for anything you need, clothes etc. All that storage taking up no more room than the foot print of your bed,make the bed as high as you need depending on how much stuff you need to store. That should leave plenty of room at the front of the bay for your cooking set up, gas stove and a sink does me fine, I have a compact little unit that incorporates a nice little sink and gas hob all in one with a decent size work surface against the wall of the bay.There are loads of little techniques for efficient discreet storage etc. If you let me know the dimensions of a particular bay, I would be more than happy to come up with some really cool plan options that look great and are easy and a pleasure to live in. I share my van with my Pitt and Jack Russell and I have plenty of space for living as well as storage for a huge amount of stuff, tools, clothes electricals etc.
Anyway, sorry about the long rambling email ! Good luck with your quest, just gimme a shout if you need any design help,ideas. Jon

Greetings & Welcome!

I would start by checking the reliability, repair costs, and total costs of ownership of all similar models. Do keep in mind that this can vary greatly according to location. You might also check their various dimensions.

Having windows all the way around is more important to me than height, good heating & cooling equipment is more important than insulation, a generator for reliable power, and a toilet & shower to be fully self contained. Everything can fit in an incredibly small space with proper planning.

I try to set up my rigs to live in them, not just out of them. Being prepared lends greatly to peace of mind.


"Stay home, stay safe, and remember social distancing." ~ Van_Dweller

Thanks for the replies
Good point there about choice of van / cost of parts
I’m in the Uk. Ford transit could be a good option when considering this
One thing for certain is a high top Is what I’m I would go for and limiting the windows to achieve the stealth look and I think better from a security point of views as less to open and break in
Nice to see a fixed bed would fit in a.swb as. Well
Restrictions are limited the opportunity to view. Vans at the moment so checking out sites like eBay for what’s avaliable at the moment
Thanks again for replies


This cargo vans are stealthy baloney started with a guy a who bought a whole fleet of them for $350 each, and proceeded to sell them for $3k-$6k each. CARGO VANS ARE NOT STEALTHY!!! They make you a target for thieves hoping for tools inside, and in the city unknown, unmarked cargo vans stand out like a sore thumb at night. I find it is much better to look like a harmless camper that is either traveling or maybe visiting relatives. About 99% of the people reporting parking troubles are driving cargo vans, even though cargo van campers are a very tiny percentage of the camper vans actually in use. A 40 foot motorhome is stealthier than a cargo van! Most of what you see on Youtube, Instagram, and even many of the forums isn’t a good depiction of reality. Most of it is from promoters looking to make a buck. They’re the leaders of the van life movement. Cargo vans cost much more to convert, so they exploit that fact for their own gain, not your ultiimate happiness.

My windows aren’t tinted, and very rarely even covered. The only private place in my van is my toilet/shower area, which is also my clothes changing room. For anybody looking inside if I’m not in it, it looks like an unused camper van, with nothing of interest to break in for. I always make sure any valuables are put away out of sight when not in use.

My current van is a high top, and being able to stand up inside is nice, but there are drawbacks. Mine is too tall for most drive thru’s, many gas stations, and basically all parking garages. Low hanging tree branches are also problematic. When inside, I find myself either sitting or laying down like 99.9% of the time. My chair is on wheels, so it’s easy to manuever while seated. I started with a chair on wheels when I had a low top van, but found it so convenient, that I still use the same method in my high top. About the only time I stand up is whhen retrieving something from an upper cabinet.


"Stay home, stay safe, and remember social distancing." ~ Van_Dweller