I bought a Bus and I have some questions about the first modifications

My first priority at the moment is getting a good way to lock the bus from the outside and to make it secure so i can take it to places. My second priority is fixing the rust that is underneath it, and my third priority is getting some insulation because it is currently too cold to get decent sleep in it at the moment. also is there also the ABS light (thomas built bus 2002 freightliner) keeps coming on and turning off for a while then coming back if anyone knows a good fix.

Mostly, what is the best system or product for locking the outward opening double door and the emergency door that has a bolt controlled by a lever.

I was hoping to have some kind of automatic lock also like a car door that can use a reliable FOB or remote to lock all the doors and future doors I could add if possible, wondering what secure and reliable and affordable options are for something like that also.

Also check out my first youtube video if you want https://youtu.be/Me0T4XSi6ZE

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