I am so eager to learn from this group

Introduce Yourself…

My name is Melinda, and I am the mother of 21 and 13 year old boys. I am eager to be on the road and learning about the world around us, but still have a lot of fear about sustainability. I just recently got my degree: Bachelors of Science: Human services Administration and youth services. I have many ideas for nonprofit groups, as well as program designs and outlines that I would like to incorporate into society. I just feel so uncertain about how to do this on the road? I would love to learn how the community members sustain themselves in the current market. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to learn from the people who know best, those living the life! Much love and light :om: I’m so so grateful and thankful to be learning from you all!

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Greetings & Welcome!

I see a couple of problems here… First and foremost your sons need a stable life at least through high school, and possibly through college.

Secondly, your chosen career ambitions don’t seem to be very mobile friendly. Maybe I’m wrong, but those sound like pretty stationary jobs to me.

So it looks to me like you’ve got at least 5 years to figure everything out. You may have to choose between your chosen profession and a mobile lifestyle.

Even though I have spent my entire adult life on the road, the more popular decision is do it after retirement. Most of the people I’ve met were glad they waited, so they wouldn’t need to worry about making money on the road.


"Those who believe money can't buy hapiness, don't have either." ~ An Anonymous Vandweller