How do you financially support your nomadic lifestyle? 💸



Oh yeah, I have a friend that supports himself doing lawn/yard care in the summer, and shoveling snow in the winter. Whatever works!



I’m a musician,
so my plan when I take off in my van next year (up the East Coast of Australia) is to travel between gigs, and also busk when gigs are low.


Hi! It’s new for us to live on the road(since may 2018), but for now It’s hard. We have a caravan (familly of 3 and our 2 dogs) and started an Etsy shop. My husband works on different kind of job (cleaning, Windows cleaning, commercial or for house owner). But the caravan we bought wasn’t new, lot of repairs appears to be done on last weeks. We used our time and budget to work on repairs and not on saving money.
But even with these hards times, we opened our Etsy shop and blog (hope to monetize it). It takes time, but we hope to succed.
My husband will work next 4 months at a standard job to give us time for saving money and developp our online shop. We live in Québec, Canada…
Happy to have found this topic, more ideas to work on!
Hope my english is ok, my phone settings are in french, so it corrects me every words 🤦


It does take time. And I respect the hustle. Let me know if you guys need any tips/advice about growing on social media! Would love to help out.


Oh! Thanks! For sure we’ll appreciate tips, advices, help. If we could give back to, would be nice!
One day at a time we will succed! And reading the topics here help us already, other people with same challenges!
Thanks again! :slight_smile:



Too many people go into this under the illusion that they can work less and play more. Then reality sets in…

The simple truth is that any decent kind of life requires money, and unless you’re somehow independently wealthy, that requires working, and the more you can work and save the better.

I would look into making money online, but not with physical products or services, but rather eproducts or services. Like an ebook, you make it once, but you sell it to xxxx people, and they can download it so you don’t need to worry about shipping. Same for services, if it’s all online, you can do it from anywhere you have internet connection.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


Hi! Thanks for the suggestions! We need to finish the repairs, so it will be the right time to work on something online, but just online. As you said with no shipping.
We will brainstorm :smile:
Thanks again!


Hi everybody,
Very interesting to read all your exchanges ! For my part I am a painter, I have the chance to be exposed in galleries and I also have a web site. I also receive remunerations through social networks (Instagram and most recently TikTok). it is not regular but it is more and more frequent. I also get equipment and clothes for free.
More recently I started to make wooden kitchen utensils, I love to do that, it’s very long but very plaisant !
People are often asked if I sell them, so obviously I will think about it :wink:

Have a nice week !


Doing whatever it takes to keep the adventure going!!

Our journey has been a very interesting one, which started with me terrified to leave because we “simply didn’t have the skills to make money while traveling”. So, we did it the old fashioned way… by saving up enough money for a few years on the road before quitting.

Oddly, somewhere in the middle we realized we were “broken” and refuse to go back to normalcy and a job/lifestyle we hated, so we started to do whatever it took to ensure that wouldn’t have to happen.

  • We renovated our garage into a home base for when we need it (or when we no longer wanted to live in a van).
  • We developed skill sets and learned new things (the same as you do when building out your first van).
  • We started businesses simply by doing the things we love and then sharing them with or offering them to others.
  • We worked our asses off!

Oddly, now the ways to make money while living nomadically seem practically endless, but we still make our decisions based on happiness rather than making money (hasn’t failed us yet).

We’ve turned down paid ads, sponsorships, TV shows, business deals, buyout offers, you name it- because at the end of the day if you make this lifestyle about the money you’ll be just as miserable as you were working a 9-5 with a boss (or worse).

This lifestyle works like everything else in life… if you sit back and expect there to be some golden ticket or one-size-fits-all answer for how to make money while traveling, you’ll never leave (or won’t make it very long). If you try to follow someone else’s footprints exactly you’ll probably get there just in time to find out you’re too late.

Take a leap forward, figure it out as you go and don’t be afraid to work your ass off for what you want and what you believe in along the way!!
Oh, and enjoy the journey!!


I see the van life has thought you guys a lot which is amazing!

I completely agree with what you said about money. It’s more so about providing value to both your lifestyle and others. Money does not buy happiness, and you guys are a great example of that.

Keep it up :blush::sparkling_heart:


Ohhh ! So nice ! I’m also a personal trainer on the verge of quitting my job and go on a big adventure. You manage to get new clients while on the road ? Cheers !