Hiiiii from Australia!

My names Lexie and I live on the road in Australia ~ my partner and I have been living this way for 3 years now and wouldn’t have it any other way :slight_smile: always feel blessed to have a big, open country to cruise around…
Very excited to be invited into this community and can’t wait to get to know some of you and learn some tips and tricks !
My user on Insta is ‘vanlifelexie’ if you wanna see pics or connect better, especially if you’re on the road in Aus too :slight_smile: (would love to make some travel friends)


Greetings & Welcome!

I’ve been a fulltimer for many years and many vehicles since 1974. Worked and traveled doing construction for the first 30 years, and worked for myself both onlinne and off since then. I’m in the USA, but visited OZ and did a world wide tour many years ago. It’s winter up here in the frozen north.

I’m sure many people here would love to hear how you support your travels.


"Homelessness is vandwelling minus the romanticism. " ~ Terri Travels


Welcome to the community Lexie! Just followed you on IG :slight_smile:

Wow that sounds like such an adventure and I bet it’s so cold but beautiful where you are right now… it’s damn hot here at the moment haha the online world is definitely where it’s at, I’ve been dabbling in it lately ~ but we just pick fruit wherever and whenever we want and that supports our lifestyle… we could find other jobs but you never have to quit because the seasons end so we just continue traveling :slight_smile:

Thanks sally & mark ! I’ll see if I can find you too :smile:

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This is a great photo! :slight_smile: Happy travels! I am excited to follow your story!