Hi ! Newbie here looking for my first van!

hello ! I am looking at a 1982 vw vanagon diesel! it has 265,000 miles and i think im going to switch the engine to a 1.9L…

anyone got some notes for me ? tips ? concerns ?

Thesamba.com for a good VW forum with a VW classifieds section if you want to compare prices to what you’re looking at.

For parts:

Go westy
Rocky Mountain westy
The bus depot

If you’re talking about 1.9L gas you’ll probably have some weirdness. They converted to water cooled around 83.5 so you’ll have to find a 1.9l that is air cooled.

Personally if I bought another VW it would be a 86 or newer. Much much easier to find parts.

Get a Haynes manual. They’re about as thick as a bible but show you how to fix literally everything.

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