Hi! Looking for van dwellers in Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver!

Hi everyone! I’m a researcher at the Allard School of Law, and we’re looking into the experience of people living in vans and RVs in Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver. With COVID, we’re interested in how all the new policies have impacted people’s living situations.

If you’re in Montréal, Toronto, or Vancouver and you’re interested in sharing your experiences, would you be willing to fill out this survey? https://forms.gle/zMBnGevKiWQnbdRV9

It should take less than 15 minutes, and doesn’t require any personal information (although you can choose to share your email at the end if you want to do a follow-up interview). There are also more details on the first page of the survey itself, which you can check out without committing to doing the survey.

I’m cross-posting this to a few different forums, but if anyone has suggestions for other places to circulate this, I’d appreciate it!


Just nudging this back up in case some folks missed it first round! I also wanted to affirm that all responses to this survey are confidential and no specific locations will be disclosed. Thanks again!