Hi, I'm Beth - planning a trip 2020

Me and my boyfriend are planning a trip around Europe starting in January 2020. We’re looking at vans and RVs to buy, but are swaying more towards an RV. Instagram has been great for inspiration but it’s time I joined a community to really find out more. Nice to meet you in advance :blush:

Welcome to the forums, Beth! Sounds like quite an adventure you have planned! It’s smart to consider your needs this far in advance to make sure you don’t make any impulse purchases or buy anything that won’t suit your needs!

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Greetings & Welcome!

Sounds like fun.

While I love my camper van, something a little bigger is definitely more comfortable for 2 or more people. Floor plans mean EVERYTHING. Choose wisely, and don’t just settle for second or third best. Comfort and convenience can make your journey immensely better.


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Hi Beth , I am also looking at visiting Europe in the near future . I just posted to see if there was and Van Exchange , (like home exchange) being talked about on here .
I live in Canada and would love to see Europe in a van …