Hi from New Zealand

After what seems an eternity of researching vans and layouts, we’ve just taken possession of our Toyota HiAce Jumbo LWB High Roof Wide body - it was the biggest we could find HiAce-wise.

We’ve just got to work on ripping out the non essentials in the back (bench seat, seat belts, etc.) and run in to our first problem …

The floor!

There are bolts all over, some of which we know are not required, and some (spare tire) we know we need. However there is a square plate with an arrow on it and four bolts at the corners.

Do we cover it or not! If only I could find out what it is without taking it off, and wondered if others had encountered similar floor related quandries.

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Hi welcome! Congrats on getting your start!
I couldn’t say what the plate is but I did have a similar problem when I first got my used vehicle. I was able to find out from the dealer I purchased it from that the bolts had been from shelving that used to be inside.
Hope you figure it out! Can you see anything underneath?

Greetings & Welcome!

Some models had an access hatch to the top of the fuel tank to make it easier to replace the fuel pump or sensors.


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Thanks and now that I’ve googled the correct phrase it come up with a video that show it is indeed a fuel filter/pump access hatch.

As a new user I can’t add a link but the you tube video is


I had better make sure that I leave access to that when laying the floor!

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When I’ve laid the floor I’ll see if I can add some pics showing the access to the hatch and also the spare wheel release nut at the rear of the van floor.

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