Hi everyone - new here

Hey everyone!!

Newbie on #vanlife here! I need some help everyone!
I have a nissan juke. Its not quiet a van but I really want to convert it into a sleeper car. I am hitting the road to tackle some gnarly trails an have been wanting to convert my car for years

I know the Juke is super small but does anyone on here have any recommendations or ideas?! I would LOVE your input!

Thanks y’all!

Greetings & Welcome!

I’m not familiar with the juke, but if you don’t have 6’ behind the front seats, some people take out the front seat if it can’t be folded flat enough in direction or the other to put a bed over the top of it.


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You tube has some good videos about living in a car. Cheap RV living is a great resource of ideas.

Good luck!