Hi All, Names Tom - Toyota Hiace with 750,000km


Short and sharp. I am from Aus but living in the UK atm. Own a Toyota Hiace at home I have converted into a camper and travelled around in. Has done 750,000kms and I love it. Named Millie as I want to tick her over the 1mkms. Looking to buy another van and travel Europe next.

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That’s insane!! is it still running? have you had any problems with it?


Apart from topping up the oil and coolant a little more often it runs like a dream. :+1::ok_hand:


How much longer do you think it will be running for :heart_eyes:

And how much years have you had it. Sorry for spamming you with all these questions but that’s the first time i’ve heard something like that.

You should try and shoot for 1 million :laughing:


I purchased it when it was at about 650,000kms for $600AUD. I built most of it from reused wood laying around the house. It has and continues to serve me well. I think it will run forever :crossed_fingers:


I bet the previous owner didn’t think it would last this long


A little bit of TLC goes a long way. :pray:


I was worried about the 200k of mine… :sweat_smile:


Wow that’s incredible! Millie seems like a keeper :wink:
Where about in the UK are you at the moment? We’re in North West, hoping to head into mainland Europe October time :grinning:


I am located in London. So it is making it a bit difficult to get my van sorted etc as I don’t have any driveway atm. Or any tools. Bit different to being back home with a whole shed full of tools :fearful:. Hopefully find a place with a driveway in the next couple months and slowly chip away at sorting my van. North west sounds really nice. Near Snowdonia National Park?


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How do I do that?? I’ll have a read. I am sure you have prob posted it somewhere.


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On a radio show called car guys they referenced some Toyota’s going a million miles with only regular oil changes. Pretty incredible. Good luck getting there


Damn, never knew that was even possible. That’s awesomely insane :heart_eyes:


Hi wankers , Vans are unbroken