Hey, everybody! I hope you're good to the newcomers :)

It’s good to read and see everyone! I decided to join this forum because I have many problems and questions that only you can help me with. I am going to buy my own van and travel with my birds. It’s strange and interesting, but I love birds next to me there are always my friends who can’t fly because of injuries, so I decided not to leave them. Always dreamed of traveling, at some point realized that it can not be postponed, life is short, and in fact, beyond his native city saw nothing.

Greetings & Welcome!

We’re pretty newbie friendly I think…

I have no experience traveling with birds, but I’ve been living on wheels for over years, have built or helped build many rigs, and lived in many different types of rigs over the years.

Good Luck, ask away, & keep us posted!


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Hello Daniel_J,

The community here is very friendly, and patient.
Esp with my total lack of knowledge. :smile:

I think you’ll find the folks here to very helpful.


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