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What’s going on fellow Vannies! My name is Joey, and I’m new to all of this. I’m currently in the process of conveying my 99 Ford e150 into a cool getaway. A little background of how why I’m choosing this electrical style, is because I do not plan on staying in my van for more then 2 weeks tops. (As of now) I really want to use it as a adventure van. So I was wondering if anyone on here, or anyone in the SoCal Area could give me advice or hands on help. Im in desperate need for help with electrical stuff. I have watched tons of videos, and read many articles, but I still don’t have the confidence to do it without some personal help. I’m going to be running a isolator- battery- intvertor. I got my supplies already I believe, but I don’t know where to start and how to wire everything up… any help would be apprectiated!!!

Hey man,

I live in Los Angeles and would be more than happy to help. I installed one of those relays in an RV just last week!!

Awesome, if you want to email me to get in touch that would be sweet. Thank you!


I just went to a used battery shop, told them what I wanted, and an hour later I was ready to roll. Total cost for everything, including the battery, isolator, wiring, battery box, and everything was $80.00. That got it done considerably quicker than I could have done it.

For $40 more, I had them install low battery cut-offs for both my starter battery and my house battery. That also included all the parts. They recommended them, and I love them and think everybody should get them.

This setup allows me to camp for about a week on my house battery, then switch to my starting battery for another week, and still have plenty of power to start the rig. I do have a generator and a battery charger for backup purposes, but rarely need to use them.


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