Help needed! Our van got broken into


Hello guys!

I’m new here, just created this account, because:
My partner and I really could use your help. We lately (for the last three months) traveld through south-east Europe and on Monday morning came to Italy (Bari) by ferry. It was our last well before heading home and we went to the Penny market in Molfetta to get our food for the next few days. When we came back from food shopping we saw that our car door was broken and a backpack including all our electronic gear (cameras, mac books, other stuff and especially our hard drives with all our photos from the trip) as well as my Portemonnaie and diary was stolen.

We of course called the police and reported it - the only thing we got is a paper with the report on it. They didn’t take any fingerprints - nothing! We also contacted local newspaper because all we want are the two hard drives with all the photos of our trip. It is loads of money gone now but that all is replaceable EXCEPT our photos.

Two newspaper already talked about it, we both sponsored a post on Facebook in the area and tried to get as many people to share it on Facebook and Instagram. Also contacted the German consular in Bari, they phone called us and the woman on the phone told us to give that topic to the consul and maybe there’s a chance he has a connection to the mayor of Molfetta and could spread the word even more. As you see - it is super important to us.

Are any of you also from the area of Molfetta/Italy who could help? Any little help would be amazing!!!

Please help!
Sarah Pour and Christian Saatmann


Thats insane!

I’m not actually from that area so I can’t help out.
Are the police taking any action towards this?

Wish you the best of luck in recovering your stolen items.