Help in getting started

Firstly I would like to say hello to everyone and I’m looking forward to getting involved in the community.

I like many others I’m sure have decided I want to convert a van to a camper for UK and European holidays.

I have been looking at the Merc Sprinter LWB High Roof to convert. I would need seating when driving for myself, Girlfriend and get 7 year old daughter. Sleeping for the 3 of us so a double and single bed of sorts. We would be holiday living so not prolonged periods.

I was just hoping to get some advice from you guys, resources to best map out my build. Recommended wondows, vents etc and why. The plumping, wiring and electrics are the areas I would be least confident in. I have some experience in woodworking building desks, shelves and other things from reclaimed wood.

I am building a full size for myself. My 12 year old daughter is not with me full time. She wants a hammock. So I’m working on mounting some eye hooks at the roof so she can sleep up high. And easier to take down for more room during the day.


A lot of people think they want a hammock, but then find them extremely uncomfortable. I would be prepared with an alternative.

The old VW campers had a cot that fit over the front seats. Canvas with an aluminum pole on each side. They rolled up small, but were quite comfortable.


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