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I’m Elaine. I’m about to lose my 9 to 5 due to cut backs. I’m in process of selling my home. I am not capable of building a van myself so unsure if it’s best to buy a van already converted or pay someone to convert one. I’ll only have a month to get the van because I’ll have nowhere to live or place my limited amount of stuff.

I want to travel to Florida and see if I want to stay there. I want to live in a van though. The only family I have left are a half brother and some cousins that live in FL. I’m 57 and scared to death but have been dreaming of living in a van for 3 years. Me losing my job made me think the Universe is pushing me forward.

Maybe I can get some advice on how to find a van already converted please?

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Take a deep breath & relax… :wink:

I’d start out with a cheap, older, move in ready, Class C motorhome. The kind that has a van type front end.

Since it’s still winter, some cheap ones should still be available. You didn’t mention where you’re at now…

I’d check Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, Offer Up, and as a last resort RV Trader.

You don’t have time to get a van converted, and the only vans I’d buy would be a factory built camper van (A Class B), and they’re spendy and much more difficult to find.

Good Luck & keep us posted. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the advice!!! I’m in SC

Another question if may, can you live in a Class C without staying in an RV park?


No, you don’t have to just stay at RV Parks, however I might recommend them when first starting out. Many RV parks/campgrounds offer low monthly rent, and there’s often lot’s of friendly folks staying there that can help you get started in the lifestyle.

There’s also free camping available, which can be found at places like:

and many others.

Make sure you get a rig with a working generator, so you’ll have your own power if you’re not staying somewhere with full hookups.

Buying a used rig, you might need to replace the house battery(s). Walmart has deep cycle batteries for under $100 ea. Don’t get suckered into more expensive batteries. Some Walmarts also offer auto repair, and if they do, they may be able install them for you as well. Autozone or the like, maybe even Walmart, should be able to test your existing batteries too.

I would also strongly suggest you get a pre-purchase inspection done on any rig before you it. It might cost $100, but could save you thousands down the road, and a whole lot of headaches. You also need to be prepared to walk away from a lemon, the good ones cost no more than the lemons.

Pay attention to the date codes on tires. Many tires can look like new, but if they’re older than 5 years old, I would replace them.

I would also get all the fluids changed before starting out, so you know exactly when your last service was.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

Thanks again. You are my new best friend. Lol

Hello, if you don’t have a budget buying a van converted is a good option, if you do buying a van with nothing in it will at least get you a place to live asap.I live in my van for 10 months just a mattress,cooler and blankets.I also know of a company in Philly that build and rent vans, since u in SC not to far.

Don’t panic!!! You have many options.

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Thanks!!! Love your photos btw

What is the company in PA please?

Vanture Customs

Thank you very much!

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