Hello from the highlands

Hi All
I have a2012 MWB sprinter that I’ve owned for 6 years . It’s come to the end of its working life with me . My wife and I used to have caravans but we don’t just now so rather than sell the sprinter we are considering turning it into a basic day van .
We’ve never done this before so we are looking for as much advise and help as we can get!
We have some fantastic locations all within an hour or 2 from us and want to use the van for just weekend short trips. We want a double bed , fridge for the vino, porta toilet and micro . We’d like a fairly comfy seat to sit on . I also like the idea of no bulkhead with a captains seat on passenger side.
Thanks in advance for any comments or advice !


I should of said that just now I need lots of adivce on potential layout .
I’m 6’2 so bed might need to be longways in from back doors .
I’d like a wee bench seat so if it was at the bottom of the bed this could become part of the bed if necessary.
Any advice on a basic layout be really appreciated.

Cheers Vin