Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone, my name is Richard “Ricky” Garcia. I am 18 and I live in Southern California. I dont quite have my own van life going since I’m about to start my senior year but this summer I plan on taking a van to Oregon become a summer camp facility member and see where that will take me. Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you too, and welcome to the forum.

What does that entail?


Hey, so it’s kind of hard to explain shortly but usually summer camps have people who are already at the campsite or campgrounds and they are the ones who maintain the camp as well as lead activities such as hiking and all that sort. Everyday we get our own free time to as we please. You make 36 dollars a day plus room board


Oh okay, so it’s a seasonal job


Yes it is, I’ve been working at a pizza place for two years now during the school year I plan on getting a pizza job or a food prepping job


But how will you be able to live nomadically if you work at a pizza shoP?


Greetings & Welcome!

$36 a day doesn’t sound like much… Besides room and board, are there other benefits to make the low pay worthwhile? That seems like below minimum wage to me. You could easily make upwards of $100/day mowing lawns. A friend delivers pizza and makes over $100 a day in tips. Waiters/waitresses can make big money in tips too, and so can hotel and airport door men and parking valet’s.

I understand that money isn’t everything, but if you’re not making good money, there needs to at least be enough benefits to compensate for the lack of money. Otherwise a good paying job, and simply volunteering for something you love or are passionate about makes better sense.

Oregon’s a long ways from Southern California. Make sure you have backup plans in case things don’t work out as expected once you arrive. Friends have done similar only to find 12-18 hours days of slave labor were expected of them. Many years ago when I volunteered at a scout camp for 2 weeks, the work hours were sun up to 9-10pm at night, 7 days a week, but the work was enjoyable and I had a blast. So things can go either way, but having backup plans and being prepared is always a good idea. If it turns out to be a bad situation, have an exit strategy and an escape plan.