Greetings! New Member from Texas!

Introduce Yourself…

Hello all! We are Lori & Sarah. We are two women and 3 dogs living our bestlife. We started vanlife in 2020 when we bought our first van a 1979 Chevy G20. Later we upgraded to a 1997 Ford Econoline that we aptly named “Louanne the Lucky Van” because she happened to find us at a time when we desperately needed her!

We have traveled all over the US and a little bit into Canada. We love visiting national parks, taking our dogs on hikes, riding our bikes, and of course we enjoy a good bit of singing while on the road! Looking forward to being a part of this community and learning more DIY tricks!

Greetings & Welcome!

Looking forward to hearing more!


"Failures are merely a learning oportunity." ~ Rubber Tramp