Good morning all from new members

**Introduce yourself We are new members to the forum embarking on what we hope will be a great new chapter. We have traveled around the USA hiking through many of the National Parks (26 to date) and decided when we retire, we would purchase a class B van and drive to our destinations. We are experienced campers, especially in our younger days, we love the outdoors and look forward to enjoying the beauty of our USA.

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I am Annie, a computer engineer and a researcher. I love to collect interesting information and share fun posts and recipes on different platforms.

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Greetings & Welcome @JandA!

Sounds like a plan, and when we have the time to take our time, it’s really hard to beat.

I wouldn’t rule out a Class C either. A little more room can make a world a difference in livability without really compromising on driveability.


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Hi @JandA and @Annieclover !

My name is Anne too, and I’m poking around tiny house and vanlife sites to learn more.