Going fulltime in the UK, tips on money making

Hey all, I’m going to be going full time in my van in the next month hopefully.
Im wondering what are the best ways to earn some income whilst traveling. Alot of people are from USA so have lots of options but not sure about the UK.
Any help would be great, THANKS

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Anywhere there’s farms, there’s usually work available. Same for orchards. Many people follow the harvests, which can cover 6+ plus months a year, early spring to late fall.

Tourist type areas are usually hiring during tourist season.

In towns there’s usually plenty of people who need lawn & yard care. Many seniors have all of the equipment, and just need somebody to do the physical work.

With a rental trailer, you can do dump runs, or help people move.

House cleaners, and rental property cleaners & painters are needed in many areas.

Anywhere there’s bulletin boards, there’s usually people offering work for pay. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s money in your pocket.

Fairs & carnivals usually need temporary workers, and some people even travel with them.

After all is said and done, it’s hard to beat learning how to make money online from the comfort of home… I always suggest people work on that in their spare time, until they can build it up enough to quit their regular jobs. That way you risk very little.


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I found PeoplePerHour a great place to start. I managed to secure a few admin/cv writing jobs on there that funded my travels. They have all types of roles so it is worth taking a peek! Good luck and enjoy the road!

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