Gitana noob in search of guidance

Hi all!

I’m Gitana (Spanish for gypsy),

I was born with wanderlust in my heart. I joined the military just for the travel and I have lived in some amazing places. My kids are all grown now, and I’m at a place in life where I have a choice to use my VA loan for a condo, a home or #VanLife! It seems the van life will suit me just fine because it will fill all my needs. I look forward to meeting some of you online and perhaps one days in person. I’m here to learn from you all before I make my purchase and build!

Absorb all you can and you should be able to make it work well for ya.

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May be best to invest that money into a condo or home then rent it and use that income to supplement living in a van.

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Thanks for this tip! I have an apartment I rent in NYC. My kids now reside there.


I always recommend newbies consider a small, cheap, older motorhome for starters. They’re both easier, cheaper, and quicker to transition into. Then later, and with more experience, you can decide whether you wish to upgrade or downgrade.

It’s much less of a shock treatment than going straight from a house/apt to a van, and most people seem to stick with the more user friendly motorhomes.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

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