Getting ready for van build - need insurance info!

Greetings from Maryland! we are a pre-retirement couple with a Ford Transit 15 passenger van sitting in our driveway. Our goal is to get it all converted by Spring and head out on our cross country adventure soon after that. Our problem now is that our insurer (Erie - who we love for all our other needs) will not cover our van once we BEGIN conversion. I’ve had no luck so far and thought the community must have some leads for me. Thanks! And we are so glad to be here with you all!

It is really dependent on your state, but we use State Farm and they had no problem insuring ours as a motor home. Good luck!

Thanks so much, Bretly, I will contact them. Did you build out your van yourself or did you buy it already completed?

We built ours ourselves and are still doing so. As my buddy says. “DIY is never done”, especially once you start living in it before you’re done. We were straight with them. I actually think State Farm is better because you’re dealing with small shops as opposed to something like geico. So call one or two of your local agents in your area. We’ve made claims against our policy without issue. We had ours insured as a motor home/travel trailer since it was an empty shell.

Sure if I total it, I may get nothing but the price of the van, but I’m also okay with that. We can always take everything back out. Good luck!

I also understand that it’s insanely easy to register a car in South Dakota from out of state. (There’s a lot of South Dakota plates in Mexico). It might be something to look into if you can’t make it work in your state.

Thanks so much for the info. We got the State Farm insurance and are now set to start demolishing the inside of our van!

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