Garage find for sale

Hi my dad and I inherited a 1972 dodge Sportsman Royal b300 van we are looking to see if anyone who would appreciate this was interested in it… it was bought new by my grandfather. It’s a limited California edition… Witch from what I can tell means it was made 18 ish inches longer on the body and has a 1 ton suspension and toe package from the factory. Grandpa used it when he played music on the road and lived in it. It’s really in good shape… Needs some work that we just don’t really want to do… I have more pictures but I could only put one up.

Greetings & Welcome!

What does it need, and how much are you asking for it?

What engine & transmission does it have? Power steering/brakes? Power windows/locks? Window van or cargo van?


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It’s a windowed van. V8 360 engine. Automatic transmission. Has power steering and AC but no power locks or windows…
It ran fine 5 years ago last time it ran… We are putting a new battery in it soon and see how much sitting for 5 years has done… There are some minor cosmetic problems on the inside… cracked dash that sort of thing…