Full Timer Camper


Hey guys and gals. I’m Kevin, I have lived in the back of my ford ranger pickup for just over a year in April. I have a complete 200 watt solar system, fridge, fans, lights and more. I didn’t think I would do it this long, but I fell in love! I wouldn’t go back. Late last year I purchased a van that I have been repairing, and have completely gutted. Will start building out the van end of June. Working on a blog and vlog, will be exciting to be apart of this community. I have learned in my experience in my truck that the majority of the van life, skoolie, camper community are really amazing! Can’t wait for this to get all fired up!


Sounds like some interesting stuff. You should post how-tos, guides, or tips of them on this forum if you have the time :hugs:


I will see what I can do to help contribute.