Free rear heater / AC unit


I have a rear heater/AC unit that I just pulled from my 2005 shuttle bus. Sized to heat/cool a 10 to 12 passenger rear space of a shuttle bus. I am offering this to anyone who wants it - no cost.

The unit comes will all hoses, wiring harness and some hardware pieces that will make installation much easier. The unit is intended to run off the engine (in my case, a 5.4L gas engine in a Ford E350). This is not a standalone heater.

I’m in Boulder, CO so if you want it shipped you’ll have to pay for that. It weighs about 25 pounds I would guess.

Anyone who wants this can have it - first come, first served.


I’m starting to build my van conversion. I would love your unit


I’m in atlanta ga. I can Venmo you to ship it


Sent an email. Hopefully you got it.