Feeling my way through the maze

**Introduce Yourself…**Hi. My name is Kris. It’s been a year of changes. My husband died unexpectedly last year. I quit my job. I put my belongings in storage. Staying with a friend trying to figure things out.

Rents are high, I don’t know where I want to put down roots, I have a cat, so van life is intriguing.
Been watching Instagram stories for a year and a half and this seems the best option for this in-between stage of my life.
Don’t want any worries so expect I will buy ProMaster but I don’t know what specs to put in as I don’t know what is needed when I ask someone to build the rest. Did anyone scope that out?
Do I go 2023 for longevity or 2022 expecting a discount with end-of-year sales?
Do I go highest roof so I can get more storage?
If I go extended, how is that for normal parking places?
Has anyone seen any cool extras for the cat? Replaceable scratch pad carpet wall? He’s indoor so I don’t want him to go romping around but he does need to stretch and exercise.
How about tables that lower and rise - more electricity needed?
How about storage above a fake ceiling for outdoor canopies, chairs, folding table?
I also need strong reliable internet for my work and charging for my phone, kindle, computer, and monitor.
What draws off of solar?
Thanks for the feedback!

Greetings & Welcome!

I’m currently in a self converted bus, towing a mini-van for a grocery getter.

For most people in most situations, the best choice & best bang for your buck is to buy a cheap older move in ready factory motorhome, then tow an economy car for regular driving.

If you’re not into traveling, putting a motorhome or trailer in an RV park on monthly rates is usually less than half what an apartment would cost, and most if not all utilities are included in the rent. Some even include pools, jacuzzi’s, rec. rooms, & more.

It’s been very rare when I’ve spent more than $2500 all in to have a move in ready, road worthy, home on wheels. At that price it will pay for itself very quickly, and that’s what I prefer. I don’t feel like I need to impress anybody but myself, and keeping my living expenses as low as possible, without compromising on comfort, convenience, or reliability is what impresses me.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller