Fans and airflow

greetings - I picked up an older e150 conversion van with the strange funky windows that have vents on the bottom of the windows. i would appreciate the thoughts of putting fans in the window versus cutting a hole in the top to install an RV fan in the roof. pros and cons?

thank you for any input/ideas/suggestions


Greetings & Welcome!

I’m not a fan of roof vents, but the truth of the matter is that heat rises. Because of this, we need to circulate the air in the van to counteract that effect, then a simple exhaust fan in a lower window will be equally as effective as a roof vent for a fraction of the price and a fraction of the problems.


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thank you for your views. if i add the roof vent, i have a problem wiht the height of the garage door. looking at the various 12 dc fans is indeed less expensive, modular and will oddly have me not lament the bigger windows. thanks again