Existing Flooring

I just bought this Ford transit connect. It’s a 2019 and already has this flooring in it. I plan to take it out and do what most people are saying to do for floor- foam mat then plywood. This hardened mat already has a foam layer underneath. Does anyone think I could use this and then put the plywood over that? I don’t want to add any space for condensation to build up. I would love any thoughts! I jumped into this blindly and I’m doing this on my own.

Hi Laura, I’m sorry I don’t have any experience to advise you on the floor. But replying to you to see if we can exchange dyi ideas as I just recently bought a 2015 Ford transit connect xl. I’ve done the insulation for the walls and ceiling and structure to start building the walls but have not gotten to the floor yet. — I’m wondering what you’ll be doing with the floors?


That’s a factory floor, keep it, you will never improve upon it & no need to add plywood over the top of it. It just saved you a lot of work & money. Add washable throw rugs on top if you wish, and you’re golden.

The same goes for everything else, if it’s factory finished, keep it & count your lucky stars. Advice to gut stuff is terrible advice unless it is can’t be saved. Anything factory finished will save you time, money, & frustrations, and it is highly likely that you’ll never improve upon it. The manufacturers spend big bucks to determine what’s best for both the vehicle & it’s occupants.


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