Excited newbie van lifer, budding designer

Introduce Yourself… Hi all! I’m making the leap! Well, it’s more of a slow calculated step, but still…

Anyway, to keep it short, I have been wanting a camper van or RV for years now and I had some big transitions in my life recently that have made my biggest reason not to take part of the van life, disappear. So here I am, excited and overwhelmed :laughing: I know I can do the build myself, and being a mechanical engineer I want to leave my mark on the community eventually (hopefully a good one). I just don’t want to make too many expensive mistakes on my first build.
Finally, are new vans really this expensive right now?!! I couldn’t believe the price tag of the 2022 Mercedes Sprinters. I’m rethinking buying a new van, but really want something I can put a lot of miles on myself without worrying too much about a huge maintenance bill in 2 yrs. Any thoughts? I’m so looking forward to making new friends to nerd out on van builds with!

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Everything is expensive and sprinters were 80k+ before supply chain and chip shortage issues. I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon. Couple that with how popular van life and rving have become and you have the perfect storm to keep prices where they are. No right minded salesman is going to drop the price when inventory is flying off of the shelves.

I am in the research phase of my vehicle, after a couple years of research, I am currently thinking about converting a box truck instead of a van for a number of reasons, we are in the same situation so maybe we can share some knowledge and help eachother out.

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