Embarking on vanlife

Introduce Yourself…

Hi I’m Jordan, I’m a 26 year old (female) living in the UK with my mother (44) and our rescue dog Rio (9), after a tough couple of years through covid, many job losses and mounting financial pressure to pay a mortgage we will never fulfil, we have decided to throw in the conventional towel, leave the bricks and mortar behind to take the plunge into van life. It is worth noting we aren’t taking this decision to live in a van full time lightly, it is something we have been thinking about/ planning for a while. But with everything that is going on in the UK with prices and bills soaring through the roof… We’re ready to satisfy the nomads within us, throw caution to the wind and just live a little.

Anything that you wish you knew then that you know now?
Any newbie advice or tips?
Any recommendations on long term campsites and parkups around the UK?

We would be grateful for any help or tips :smiley:


Jordan, Rachel & Rio :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good luck! Stay safe. Are you building your own or buying a ready made van. How is the fuel cost and remote work income going to play into your decision?

Hi, thanks for your reply!

We are quite lucky as we work for ourselves, and the business we have relies on no signal and little power, so we’re quite confident we can earn enough to cover costs.

Still undecided on a van but thinking maybe do our own, or get a partially converted van to finish off, we want it completely stealth


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