Creators on the road


Hey Everyone.
I’m Josefine, starting mid August I’ll be hitting the road traveling the western states of the US with two of my best friends, Johanna (human) and Tora (K9). We are multi medium creatives, crafters and artists and we would like to share our passions with you. We will both be showing our arts and crafts on the road and teaching what we know, as we make our way through CA, NV, UT, CO, AZ, and NM. Handcraft lends itself to creating on the road as many forms of it don’t need electricity, it’s a perfect way to pass time and to relax while being productive. Macramé, Stenciling for textile and streetart, Leather tooling, smudge stick tying, making friendship bracelets, just some of the things we’ll bring on the road. We hope to make it to some vanlife gatherings during the fall to meet many of you and get to know the community.

Big love. J


Forgot to mention that we’ll be on Instagram to with the same handle, in case anyone wants to multi-connect @VanmadeCreations


What vehicle will you guys be travelling in?

Would love to see some pics of your setup/conversion


Pics coming in August


If you make it to the Bay Area (over the Golden Gate Bridge from SF) let me know. Adding you on IG now.


Are you two going to try and sell any of your creations to help pay for things?


Hey Scott, we’re heading east from LA to strait, but I’m sure there will be reason to head to central and both coast, love that area, was vannin it a bit that way a year ago.


Yes, that will be one of the ways we’ll try to fund more gasoline for our adventures. :slight_smile: :money_with_wings::minibus:


I’m so excited! Depending on what things you plan to make, I might have to buy something from you!


Hey guys… you have some great ideas. I’m going to be hitting the road in Australia doing the same thing… well kinda. If you wanna check out the stuff I make check out on IG and if you wanna follow my vans journey check out the_werken_van on IG… cheers Jase


Hey, that’s cool that you’re gonna do somewhat the same thing over there! :smile: Beat of luck to you, look forward to seeing your progress!


That would be amazing. The main thing is that we want people to come check it out and get inspired, if anyone finds anything they want to take away, then cool. We are both multi-medium creatives, so it’ll be a wide range of things we create; jewelry, clothing, bags, accessories, art prints, upcykle, poetry, wall hangings, all kinds of stuff. I even make shoes, but that will be a bit too tricky to take in the road. You can see some of my work on IG @josefinewing . See you on the road! :slight_smile:


Do you guys only sell locally? or do you also sell online on sites like amazon, etsy, craigslist, etc?


Only locally really (wherever I go). There are a few shops that stock some of my creations (used to have my own store in California). I do sell a bit through Instagram, but I don’t really list things, it’s more organic, people tend to hit me up when they see something they want. :slight_smile: I guess I’m an artist first and business woman second… hahaha.


Makes sense. Although, I do think you should consider building up your social profile just so you can have those extra eye balls on your creations.

Who knows, maybe one day you can even start a online store based off it :wink:


I very much appreciate the encouragement, and someday it is very likely to happen. Truth is, I have done that too, in the past, but at the moment the joy of creating is the main aim. I create freely at any given time, not because I have to produce any particular item, I just make whenever that feeling comes rushing in. I do find that this brings the most enjoyment and the best creations. Never the most money obviously, but I have other side hustles for that. I also find great pleasure in sparking the creative nerve and ability in others, so therefore I teach. :pray:


This mindset of loving what you do, is what makes you successful !!!
Keep it up :heart: