Best van to maximise loadout capacity

Hey forum, new member here… So I have decided that I need a van that I can convert into a motorhome.

I have no experience with vans whatsover. Went to go see a transit minibus today but there was not enough headroom. I had to crouch to move around inside. That won’t do when I am cooking my bacon and eggs on the road.

So my question is this: What is the best van to go for to allow me to stand up straight (I am 6 feet tall) and also to give the most available space in the back to install my motorhome into? I am looking for long wheel base and maximum volume (with a high enough roof).

Greetings & Welcome!

Why not a cheap, older, move in ready, factory motorhome?

I choose cheap by choice, not by necessity. Spending more would not improve my life, just cost me more.

Over the years, I’ve had many rigs ranging from factory motorhomes & camper vans to self built vans, buses, step vans & more. I’ve built my own, and for others, and even remodeled some.

Dollar for dollar, a cheap, older, move in ready, factory motorhome, will save you money and improve your experience both now & in the future. Taking good care of it, it will probably not depreciate, and may be worth even more than you have in it.

Later, with more experience in the lifestyle, you can always upgrade if you want to. The promoters/influencers are after your money, not your happiness or well being. There’s good reason that factory campers are far more popular than DIY ones. They’re simply better in almost every way.


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