Beginning The Process


Introduce Yourself…

Hey! My name is Emma and I’m a personal trainer that currently lives in Michigan. I’m beginning the process of planning my van build out (choosing what model I want to go with, figuring out how to finance this beast, etc.)

I’m looking forward to connecting with other van lifers (since it’s not a very common thing in my area) and find some solid advice!


Is continuing to be a personal trainer an option for you?


Definitely! When I decided that I wanted to do vanlife I started to build an online training business. Currently half of my clients are online virtual clients and half of them are in-person clients. I’ll continue to transfer clients online as I begin the build process.


Thats awesome. Nice to see that you will soon be able to live the life you love and even work a job you love.

How much longer are you expecting it to take?


I’m currently just starting the process of looking at vans. Im planning on doing the conversion myself after that’s.
I’m hoping that I can be living in my van full time by next summer.


Are you looking for a particular type of van? or are you just all over the place at this point?


I think I’m pretty set on the Promaster 3500