Battery Cutoff Switch Advice Please

Hi everyone, wife and I just bought a 1998 Ford Econoline conversion van. It’s old and uses a ton of gas but it’s very roomy and we love it. We are new to this forum and to van life in general.

The van’s previous owner installed an Intellitec batter guard to cut off the battery before it dies from using interior accessories. It only worked sporadically, and when I had the van in the shop for (what I think was) an unrelated problem, the mechanic had removed it and said it was faulty and causing problems. I should mention I live in Italy and…it’s different here!

ANYWAY, my wife really wants a new one installed but I can’t seem to find a product with decent reviews on amazon. I have looked at other web sites that sell camper specific items but am not having any success.

What do you recommend as a way to prevent my battery from dying?

Thank you in advance for any advice.


Greetings & Welcome!

I’m in the USA, but I’ve always gotten mine at battery shops, especially used/recycled battery shops. I believe mine were called “Battery Protectors”.

I have one on my starter battery, and one on my house battery. They will cut off the battery to prevent over discharge, but you still have plenty of power to start your engine. I love mine, and will always have them, better safe than sorry.


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