Are there any more places I can learn about Van Life?

I’m new to this and I would love to save up to convert a van or bus that I could possibly live in the future. I have a boyfriend that likes to play video games and a dog that likes to jump around, so I’m looking for a van that’s spacious enough that we can fit a tv and toilet but cheap enough that the dream isn’t IMPOSSIBLE for two broke millennials. If anyone can give me some advice or refer me some books/or website so I can start planning my layout, I would really appreciate it! I already felt like I watched every video on YouTube but I still have not quite grasped how to go about this. Please help. Thank you!

Greetings & Welcome!

A cheap OLDER RV will save you money both up front, and long term. Get one with a good floor plan that is move in ready. GREAT RV’s can be found for under $2500.

What about money? If you’re broke now, you’re certainly not ready to hit the road. Even living in an RV still requires at least one full time income, and two would greatly improve things.

Forget all the BS spread by the promoters, they’re all after your money, and not a single one of them is your friend. They have no problem leaving their victims broke, homeless, and jobless. There are no shortcuts in life unless you’re born into money. For the rest of us, the good life requires long hours of hard work. The harder you work and the longer the hours, the quicker you get there.

It is possible to obtain travel friendly jobs. You can work online from anywhere with an internet connection. Offline jobs that require travel are available too. Temporary jobs MIGHT be available, but should never be counted on.

Get the money angle figured out first, everything else should come later. It’s important that you don’t let the promoters talk you into buying your way into homelessness. They’re selling false dreams that will quickly turn into nightmares for most of their victims.

You’re in a good place for any advice you need, I’ve been living on wheels for over 40 years now, and conquered any problems that have come my way. Most of my friends have been nomads for over 20 years as well. None of us are promoters, but many of us, including myself have fallen victim to them. They cost me an over $30k loss in about a year, and it was my most miserable year of mobile living as well. All their advice was bad, and very costly.

Never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Build your mobile friendly money making skills first. Let those skills finance your rig while you keep your regular jobs and housing. Once your mobile friendly income is big enough to support an enjoyable life on the road, that is the time to revisit whether it’s something you really want to do. In the meantime, go camping on weekends and during vacations. Do it like you’re planning on doing it full time, and see if it’s even what you really want. Full timing can be practical and enjoyable for a few people like myself, but it’s actually not the best choice for most people. Start slow and cheap, to discover if it’s really right for you.


"Worst Choice: Cargo van & expensive, complicated build.
Better Choice: Passenger Van w/ cheap simple build.
Best Choice: Cheap, older, factory camper van or RV." ~ CheapLivin

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