Alaska Road Trip 2022

Anyone planning a Alaska Road Trip in 2022. I’m from Seattle and looking to start driving:

  • May 2022, spend about a month driving through Canada, maybe a drive up to the Arctic Ocean
  • Entering Alaska in June 2022 , sight seeing Denali surrounding town
  • Gong to Anchorage and other surrounding town
  • Salmon fishing, Grizzly watching, Glacial hiking etc
  • Begin driving back to home to Seattle August
  • Back in Seattle by early September.

I will be using The Mile Post to plan my trip. I plan on 70% wilderness camping and 30% campsite camping. Of course fishing, hiking and exploring as much as possible.

I have a self converted 2020 Ford Transit 250 HR, Ext, Dual Alternator, Dual Battery, Extended Fuel Tank,
KO2 tires
500 Amp
30 Gal fresh, 22 Gal grey
Portable propane burner - 1 gallon propane tank
Sterling BB1260 DC to DC alternator charging, no solar still debating if I really need it as the 500 Amp Lifpo4 has been plenty with DCtoDC charging.

Anyone interested in caravanning or are you also planning a trip?

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Greetings & Welcome!

Sounds like fun! You picked the best time of year for it. It’s been years since I made that trip, but I really enjoyed it. I caught enough fish & smoked them to last a whole year after that trip. Yummm. I’m still hooked on smoked meats/fish, and no refrigeration required.

I ditched solar years ago, but do keep a cheap but much more versatile generator for a backup plan.

We’ll look forward to hearing more about your adventure!


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

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Hello VanDweller,

If you are anywhere near the Seattle area, I’m always eager meeting up with another vanlife enthusiast for fishing I currently don’t live full time in my van as I still have a have to live. But maybe someday I will make it my permanent home.

Thanks for the reply, cheers. Happy and safe traveling!

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The PNW is one of my favorite areas. I’m much more of a forest, lakes, rivers, streams type camper than a desert dweller.

I not sure what my upcoming itinerary will be because I’ll be picking up a passenger next month that has always wanted to travel but never had the opportunity. She’s a senior like myself, and all I know for suree at this point, is that she does have relatives in the PNW, and visiting them is on her bucket list. She also has relatives all around the country, so our route hasn’t been planned yet.

She lost her husband last year, so I have kind of adopted her to help get her through this rough time in her life. She was a neighbor the last several summers I was in Florida. I’m currently in the N. Minnesota, but will be returning to FL at the end of the month, doing a quick remodel of a bus I have stored there, then departing on our adventure with her & the bus. It may or may not work out between us, but regardless, she will come out a stronger person.

I’m going to give a go at retirement again, and with a partner maybe I won’t be so bored that I go back to work.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller