After Work and On The Weekends

Hey everyone. Just getting acquainted with the forums. It’s great to hear from people all over the world. It’s probably old hat for you but you have my envy.
I have a question for the van life people who live in cities. What do you do with yourself after work and on the weekend. I’m starting out building myself and my van as I go. Some small things are done, but sometimes necessity dictates what the next event will be and moves launch dates ahead… way ahead of schedule. It’s all good though. I’m having a ball living in the moment and taking mundane and imagined worries in small doses to keep my heading clear and in sight. There are those voices from my old life that assure me that I should live the way we used to live. I’m sure some of you might be able to relate. I think this also plays a part in my on indecision on what to do. Park and stay parked (save money for upgrades to the life), or get out and walk around. A lot less stealthy, but you are are getting some time to explore places you drive by everyday and not much more.
Also. I’m very much a loner. Me joining this forum is a very over the top thing for me (along with all this talking). I see a part of me that was kind’ve imprisoned. In a way, that has walked out a cage that was never really locked. Now what?! Is how I feel after work and especially on the weekends. Did any of you have similar issues adjusting to being just ‘free’?
Gee I hope this makes sense

Greetings & Welcome!

I’ve never really been into outdoor sports, although I do enjoy sightseeing, good restaurants, thrift stores, flea markets, and some events or attractions. I enjoy cooking for myself, and exploring gourmet recipes. Camping and campfires with friends are near and dear to my heart even though I am mainly a city dweller. I tend to google either attractions or events for whatever area I’m in. Locals can also be a great resource for whatever is worthwhile in the area, from barn raising to square dancing, it seems like there is usually something for everyone.

I enjoy helping others, online, my friends, family, & my neighbors. I often volunteer helping the homeless too.

My other hobby is making money, and learning all the different ways to make money. I enjoy learning it, but passing it on to help others succeed is absolutely priceless. There is no better feeling than helping someone who is financially struggling, to achieve financial freedom and be able to thrive. It only costs me a little time, but the rewards can’t even be imagined.

If I can leave this world just a little better than I found it, then my life will have been worthwhile.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller

Googling coming attractions is a great idea! I will definitely start doing that. I also enjoy cooking, and do pretty well for myself. Power, is in the form of rechargeable. Battery packs for now with one larger one providing 120v at around 65.watts for 88wh. So while we may be a bit limited, on what we can store safely. We can delve into preparing small healthy meals and master that. Which will in turn help save money and eliminate wasted food.volunteering has already crossed my mind. I just need to convince the introvert part of me to go for it.
Camping is something my friends and I did every weekend. Time has wound it’s way between us though, leading us down narrowing paths. Too narrow for us to travel together. You know how it goes. and now there’s a huge freeway blocking access for miles to that perfect secluded spot now. Well there have to be other perfect secluded spots. I just need to look. The search for the spot will no doubt prove to be fun as well.

I thank you for your reply and suggestions. I will use them to while the hours and otherwise out reason my introvert self.

Thank you