Advice Please : Ford Transit Connect or wait to save for

Ok… Need Advice, What ever advice you have Greatly appreciated.
Was leaning towards a Ford Transit Cargo Connect 2022 and inserting some slide windows on the side.
Wanting to use the machine for a daily driver to commute 70kms each way to work, park in an underground, and to hit the road travelling solo with a place to sleep, good visibility, ease with traffic
Need to have Paddle Board on roof and mountain bikes on the back.

No plans to cook inside, Just continue to car camp like I do already but have an indoor space to sleep, and incase one day I’m just too damn tired to commute home.
West Coast Canadian So Wet Weather…
Want it good on gas, around for a long time.

Had thought about a Max air fan but not sure if that will not allow for my paddle board on roof?
And do I need it?

Another idea is do I just keep saving and wait to get a more RV type.
I am in mid 40’s and so still have like 25 years of working, so I wanted this van to buy now to last a long time. then when I retire get the luxury rig. LOL

Anyways and help thank you thank you thank you:)

Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a good plan if all you’re doing is sleeping inside (basically a hard-sided tent). There are roof vents that can fit underneath a rack, but all you might need is an opening at both ends of the van to allow air to circulate in and out, and a fan inside that you can reposition as needed. To help air move via convection the exhaust vent should be up high and intake down low (heat rises).

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Greetings & Welcome!

I would also consider mini vans.

I prefer to buy used so somebody else takes the hit on depreciation. Once fully depreciated, vehicles tend to hold their values.


"Old school, cheap, simple, reliable, and easily replaceable for the win!" ~ Traveler@Heart

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