About me I suppose

Introduce Yourself…

I bought a minibus project using some back pay I had, about equivalent size to an American short bus. Custom chassis and coach built!
It was going to be used as an escape platform for hobbies, but now I want to make it into an escape platform for living. It needs a lot of work, but I don’t see what else I can do in the East of England in a mouldy rental house that nobody cares about a list of health problems. So this is really about making a house on wheels for a disabled eccentric.
Social is difficult for me, I am exhausted so quickly and don’t use telephones being a writing type. But I hope some good can come of this! I need some quality people. The kind that are not afraid of Germs :wink:

Greetings & Welcome!

Hopefully it isn’t too gutted… Normally, if you just remove the seats, then move your new furniture in and secure it, it is a simple, cheap, & easy conversion. If the floor, walls, & ceiling have been stripped, the price and the amount of work go up exponentially, while the quality of the finished product is diminished.

First things first though. If you’re planning on doing much driving, the mechanical reliability should be priority #1.

When building your home on wheels, one of the most important options to give some serious consideration to is power. The planned availability of shore power, can make a huge difference in the cost & complexity of your power system. I rarely park anywhere electricity is available, so mine is designed with that in mind…

Keep us posted on your progress, and we’re here to answer any questions along the way.


"Happiness only comes before money in the dictionary." ~ Smilin Sam