12Volt Appliances

I finally got my solar going!!! Yay!!!its the 200w dr prepare with a 100w solar panel! Great for our weekend adventures!

What is your fave 12 volt appliance?

I see coffee makers, pans, crock pots…

What odd or hard to find item have you found? I see them on the trucker sites…but im sure some of you have found some neat items!?

I used to work for a major marine retail co. We sold all the “12Volt” cooking appliances. Basically none of them worked, 99% were returned. I remember one guy returning a coffeemaker, said it worked great if you want to wait a hour for your coffee. They might have changed thru the years and are more efficient now, if you buy one make sure you can return it if your not satisfied. Also any 12v appliance that produces heat will be a high current draw on your batteries.

I saw some of the reviews for the pans. The current reviews also state waiting an hour to fry an egg! That stinks!!!