1 year experiment


Hello everyone, my name is Lys. In October I will be leaving Kansas and heading west on a 1 year trek as a nomad. Have been doing research, reading and preparing for this adventure, if the experience is positive it will become my permanent lifestyle. I am new to this and any advice will be appreciated. Safe travels to you all.


Greetings & Welcome!

Do you have a nomadic friendly income? This lifestyle can be only one breakdown away from total disaster for many people.

Are you planning on staying mainly in towns, or boondocking? Check the laws in towns, and laws and closures when boondocking. Half the West is on fire this year, so there could still be many closures even into the winter.

Lots of great things to see and do if you google the areas you’ll be in.

Lots of luck!



Yes I do have flexible income and plan to mostly boondock. I am aware of the fires and will check for site closures, might have to make a few adjustments to the routes I had planned. Thanks for the advice.